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R/C Servo Signal Trigger

Complete Kit

Bare Circuit Board


Kit Weight: 35g

Bare Board Weight: 10g

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Note that this device is sold as a kit, with full assembly required. Assembled boards are not available.

Basic Description

The Signal Trigger allows the triggering of an additional on-off function remotely using an existing R/C receiving system suitable for driving Servos, and a transmitter with a minor modification.

The Signal Trigger connects to the signal used by one Servo (which may remain in operation using the same control channel) and detects the depression of a button or switch installed on the transmitter. This allows an additional on-off function to be triggered remotely without sacrificing a full R/C channel to the job. A 2 Amp relay is used to for the switching action, and may be connected similarly to a normal switch.

This circuit completely eliminates the need for a physical servo operating a microswitch, and in the process allows functions to be triggered using the R/C system without the loss of any channels.

Modes of Operation

The Signal Trigger has three basic modes, selected using pin jumpers on the circuit board:

Button is pressed once to turn on Relay, again to turn it off.
Relay is on when button pressed, otherwise off.
Non-Latching, Minimum Trigger
As above, but triggered at minimum signal (0° rotation) rather than maximum (180° rotation). Good if you need near maximum positive trim set on the transmitter. Requires a component to be changed in the circuit.

Full details including Circuit, FAQ, and instructions, can be found here

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