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SKD-4000 Information

This is a curious laptop for which there is little information online. Made in Taiwan, it appears to have been sold mostly in Europe (based on the locations of websites where infomation is available), and is notable for its unusually modular design. I have made another page (approx. 1MB) documenting the process of reassembling the laptop after replacing the BIOS battery, which in my model requires complete disassembly.

This same model of laptop seems to have been sold under a number of brand names, mine is from "Dual Group" who, whatever their history, don't appear to have much of a Web presence these days.

The specifications seem to vary, but here they are for my model:

CPU 486SX 33MHz
Graphics VGA (colour ext. out, but mono LCD)
Floppy Drive 1.44MB 3.5"
Ports Serial, Parallel, PS/2, VGA, Expansion, CD-ROM, Line-In, Line-Out, Mic

The removable section near the top right of the keyboard appears to allow for a variety of expansion devices. In my model it has a PCMCIA module with two PCMCIA ports accessible from the side of the laptop. In pictures online, it can instead be seen with a trackball installed, and even some unknown adapter which presents two D-type sockets pointing upwards (shown in the Italian link below).

Power Supply Pin-Out

Pinout (facing the female plug coming from the power supply, with the flat part of the connector on top):

/1 2\
\3 4/
  1. 0V (GND)
  2. 24VDC
  3. 1 - 3VDC varies (probably for battery charging)
  4. 24VDC

The metal shield around the connector is also wired to 0V (GND).



I don't have a manual for the laptop. If someone wants to send me a digital copy, I would be happy to host it here for download.


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