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Basically this website promises to be a dumping ground for information on my various projects. Some rants might pop up somewhere too if I ever get bored enough. At the moment I don't intend to put too much time into it (there are enough things on my weekend list as it is), but we'll see what it turns into in the long run [eight years later: so far not much more than promised :) ].

On a technical note, those who care have probably noticed that the design philosophy behind these pages is different to the normal script-filled CPU chewers that make up most people's regular web browsing experience. All the HTML is done manually and I tried to strike the balance between lightness and visual appeal as far towards lightness as my pride would allow. The result, I hope, should be a break from the usual useless assult on compatibility and bandwidth while still retaining easy usability and something of a visual distinction.

Also of interest might be the fact that the PC still used to create much of this website is a 1996 Pentium I running Linux. So you could probably call me a "retro webmaster", if you didn't just stick with "mad" or "idiot".


If for some reason you feel the need to open a second channel in this conversation, you can throw your Email in the general direction of "contact" at this web domain (the URL without the "www." part). See, that's better than an eye crossing Email address image, isn't it?.

Well OK, in case it isn't:


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