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Vectrex Cartridges

Cased Vectrex Single Game Cartridge

Vectrex Single Game Cartridge Board

Vectrex Quad Game Cartridge Board
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Cased Single Game Cart. :50g
Single Game Cart. Board: 21g
Quad Game Cart. Board: 26g

These cartridge boards are designed to fit original and reproduction Vectrex cartridge cases, and the single game boards are optionally available in a black reproduction case. The quad game boards require a hole for the switch, and are not supplied in a cartridge case. ROM size up to the maximum 32KByte is provided for, and gold plated edge contacts ensure reliability over years of insertions. Game cartridges are custom programmed with the ROM image file/s you provide when placing your order here in the online store.

Single game cartridges are programmed with one game ROM up to the maximum 32KByte size and are used just like regular Vectrex cartridges. Quad game cartridges can contain four game ROMs, each up to 32KByte, selected using a slide switch before turning on the Vectrex console. If you have fewer than four ROM images to include, you can choose to leave some banks empty. A cut-out must be made in the cartridge case to allow for the switch.

The game ROM image/s to be programmed are uploaded on the next page. Files should be in raw ROM image format, as accepted by Vectrex emulator software. It is recommended that ROM files be tested in an emulator before submission to ensure correct formatting and function. A popular Vectrex emulator is ParaJVE for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Also available are VecX (Mac OS X), and DVE (MS-DOS).

Those with access to a 3D printer may wish to take advantage of my 3D printable Vectrex cartridge case design, which now includes a special top to accommodate the switch in the Quad Game Cartridge. It can be found on Thingiverse, and at my website.

For large quantities, bulk pricing may be available. Feel free to enquire at:

Don't forget to check out the VecAdapt: Vectrex to Mega Drive / Genesis Controller Adapter.

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