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VecAdapt Vectrex to Mega Drive Controller Adapter

VecAdapt Controller Adapter
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Weight: 140g

New: For use with the VecAdapt, Joystick Add-On for Atari and Commodore compatible joysticks.

To counter the lack of controllers available for the classic Vectrex Video Game console, the VecAdapt allows Sega Mega Drive / Genesis controllers to be connected to the Vectrex without modification. And to top it off, it includes functions for Auto-Fire and "Button Swap" (switch the order of the four Vectrex buttons).

Usage is as simple as plugging a Mega Drive / Genesis controller into the VecAdapt, then the lead from the VecAdapt into one of your Vectrex's controller ports. No batteries are required, and the "Auto-Fire" and "Button Swap" functions can be turned on/off during play by moving the labeled switches Right or Left respectively.

The adapter maps the Mega Drive / Genesis buttons "A", "B", "C" and "Start" to "4", "3", "2" and "1" respectively as a Vectrex controller. These can be swapped when the "Button Swap" function is on so the order is "1", "2", "3", "4". The extra row of buttons included on later versions of the Mega Drive / Genesis controller are unused.

Third Party Mega Drive / Genesis controllers are also compatible, along with the Sega "Arcade Power Stick" controllers such as the one pictured. Note that the Sega wireless controllers (or adapters) have not been tested, and are hence not recommended for use. 8bitdo wireless adapters and controllers are not compatible. "Hyperchase", and homebrew games that require analogue control will not work due to the digital-only D-pad used in Mega Drive / Genesis controllers. Issues may also be present with the game "3D Narrow Escape".

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