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Pseudo-Switch DP4T: Solid-State Analogue Switch


Weight: 70g

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When is a switch not a switch?...

The Pseudo-Switch is a fully electronic alternative to mechanical slide and rotary switches. It allows full electronic control, while retaining a simple manual interface with a push button and LEDs to indicate position. Single boards can be joined together to expand the number of switch positions, and the output can be disconnected entirely with activation of the "Inhibit" mode, allowing multiplexing of multiple switches on one signal line. Analogue and digital AC or DC signals can be switched with ease.

The Pseudo-Switch DP4T is equivalent to a double pole, four position, mechanical switch, within the following specifications.


Supply Voltage 3.0 - 5.5V DC
Supply Current <50mA
Max. Switch Input Voltage +5.0V, -4.5V(3V Vcc)
+5.5V, -5.5V(5V Vcc)
Max. Switch Current 20mA
Switch ON Resistance <120 - 500 Ohms
Switching Time 2 Microseconds
Switching Configuration Break Before Make
Dimensions 43x42mm

Board Dimensions - Holes suit 3mm or 1/8" bolts.

The range of switch positions can be reduced to two, or three, by use of the pin jumper as indicated by text on the top of the board. Digital control inputs are CMOS compatible and referenced to the external supply voltage.

The Pseudo-Switch DP4T is no longer available without the pin headers soldered to the circuit board because this no longer allows for a significant saving in postage cost.

Each order includes a professionally bound 21 page booklet detailing the usage of, and circuitry behind, the Pseudo-Switch. One booklet is included per order regardless of the number of Pseudo-Switches purchased, unless otherwise requested.

Usage Examples

Example 1. Basic Usage - In/Out.

Example 2. Basic usage - Microcontroller.

Example 3. Switch Select.

Example 4. Multiplexing.

Example 5. Cascaded poles - 10 position.
The last two positions will take four Clock pulses to advance over. Alternatively, limit the second Pseudo-Switch to two positions for a total of eight.

Example 6. Cascaded poles - 16 position.

Example 7. Input readback.

More details available here

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