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PiTrex DIY

2 in stock without GPIO header socket
10 in stock Bare PCB only
5 in stock Empty Case


No Header: 20g
PCB: 5g
Case: 35g


The PiTrex cartridge replaces the CPU of the Vectrex video game console with the modern processing power of a Raspberry Pi Zero single-board computer, see more details at the main PiTrex page.

This page lists hardware for people with electronics experience. Fully tested assembled boards are available without the GPIO header sockets for those who want to mount the Raspberry Pi Zero inside a Vectrex cartridge case, which requires soldering the Pi Zero on permanently. Bare circuit boards (PCBs) are available for anyone who wants to build a PiTrex from scratch, or perhaps try some modifications. Schematics and circuit descriptions are available on the PiTrex wiki.

Due to reduced parcel thickness, cheaper letter postage options are available for sending these boards within Australia.

For anyone who previously bought a PiTrex when customised cartridge cases were unavailable, these can now also be purchased here separately from the PiTrex boards.

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