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Bare 27C2001 EPROM ICs

M27C2001-10F1 DIP-32 256Kbyte x8 2Mbit 100nS CMOS UV Erasable EPROM


Weight: 8g

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DIP-32 Packaged M27C2001 256K x8 CMOS EPROM IC, manufactured by STMicroelectronics. The EPROM IC package includes a window to allow for erasure by application of a strong UV light source.

EPROMs are programmed with the file you upload on the next page, maximum size is 256Kbytes (2Mbit). The file must be supplied in raw binary format, data in Intel Hex or similar formats should be converted before submission to ensure that the correct data is written to the IC.

For large quantities, bulk pricing may be available. Feel free to enquire at:


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