Markup Language

  • One * before line, make list.
  • One ! before line make <h1> - big title
  • Two !! before line make <h2> - middle title
  • Three !!! before line make <h3> - small title
  • Two * before and after words or sentences will make them bold
  • Two _ before and after words or sentences will make them underlined
  • Two ' before and after words or sentences will make them italic
  • Two : before and after words or sentences will make them boxed

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  • Wikepage used Wiki_word type links whish used '_' as whitespace. For make a new page just make a link in a page like Word and then save and use the link. When you use link, page'll created.
  • If you want to link to something external, you could just type the url like outlink and if it is valid, it will be clickable
  • To make external links more beautiful, there is another version link can be used to create something like this outlink, or to a static page like this
  • If you write a email address (without mailto:) between , email address will be displayed like
  • If you put the url of a picture between such brackets, the image will be displayed.
  • Boxed image, using:{a|b|c} (a)thumbnail image, (b)caption (c)original image. Original image will be resized to width of 468 pixels, if bigger than that. If you click, you can view original image. Example:

    Caption of image

  • You can use static picture's names which can be found in data/files folder.

For example :, But if you want to use linked image then:

PS: You can't link URL pictures.
Only local pictures can be linked.

Special Pages

  • Information in Last_changes page is created with writing < lastchanges > (without whitespaces) in source of page.
  • Information in Search page is created with < search > like above.
  • And information in All_pages.. just write < allpages >.
  • If you want to include administration area in one of your other pages, just write < admin > like above.

Variable System

Wikepage system has commands set. There are three of them recently:

  • lng variable: must be set to two letter language's abbreviation, like "en" for English, "tr" for Turkish. Usage (in any pages): English,
  • rss variable: "yes" for recently changes rss output and "blog" for blog's rss output. Usage: Blog RSS Output,
  • file variable: Used for file links into data/files folder. Usage Information about file

Template System

If you want to use another page style for any of your pages, now you can use new template system. For example you use 2006.2a with a theme called "2006.2", there must be a "index.html" which is the general template page for all pages. Then make a new template page called "index2.html", put it into 2006.2's theme folder. If you want to view "Search" page with new template, use this type of link: Search


Wikepage has table support.Just begin the line with 4 pipes (|), for each column put 2 pipes (|), and for ending line put another 4 pipes (|). That's all! You can view this page's source to view table below this paragraph.

Cyrocom Homepage outlink
SBLisesivdin Homepage outlink

RSS Feeds

Wikepage has a maximum of one RSS feed support per page. To include a RSS feed into any page just begin with 2 special parenthesis ({), then write URL of feed , then put a pipe (|) and then write how many feed that you want to show in your page, and close with 2 special parenthesis (}).
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For coloring: Just begin with 2 sharps (#) then input color name and 2 sharps more.. then write the writings that will be colored, then 2 sharps to close. Entered colors used in font tag. Colors are Black, Silver, Gray, Maroon, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Green, Lime, Olive, Yellow, Navy, Blue, Teal, Aqua and White of course. Or use RGB codes like #FF9900.
For example blue writing. Click edit of this page to view.

File Uploads

Files can be uploaded if they are under 3MB in size and have one of the following file extensions (others can be added upon request):

Once uploaded, images can be displayed and other files linked to as per the examples above.

Files uploaded have all filename characters converted to lower case. So when linking, keep this in mind otherwise the file won't be found.<lastchanges>