PiTrexCore Linux Environment Pre-Release v0.20230804

A minor update to the pre-release PiTrexCore package announced here outlink.


  • Changed wpa_supplicant.conf configuration documentation link to point to the section on headless configuration in the RPi documentation.
  • Fixed the "startwifi" command in cmdline.txt
  • Excluded /opt/pitrex from mydata.tgz


PiTrexCore v0.20230804
Extract all files in this ZIP archive onto a blank FAT32-formatted Micro SD card (between 256MB and 256GB) to use in the Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero 2 connected to the PiTrex board.
download from GitHub outlink (102MB) md5sum outlink sha256sum outlink

See the last pre release announcement outlink for the latest PiTrexCore Remote PC ISO.