X Games on the Vectrex

This photo shows some games displaying on the Vectrex via the hacked XFree86 display server that I've been working on. Top left is Cbzone, an open-source Battlezone clone, top right is Agendaroids, one of many Asteroids clones, and at the bottom are two pics of XInvaders 3D. ICBM3D also displays but my photos of it didn't show much at all - my Vectrex screenshot-taking skills have gone backwards.

The code will be uploaded to the Git repo once a configuration system for the controls and display scaling is done, then more work will be needed to fix display issues and get more games working. Then the next job will be preparing a ready-to-run Linux SD Card image.

Of course Malban's Bare-Metal environment outlink continues to be the best way to run most of the software available for the PiTrex.

Kevin Koster.