New Bare-Metal SD Card Image

Malban has released an SD card image and file download outlink of his current set of bare-metal software. Lately he's been improving the Vectrex emulation so that all ROMs for the Vectrex can be launched, like a multicart but with extra features such as saving/restoring from certain points in games, and a "speedy" mode where flicker is reduced (and play speed increased) by running Vectrex games faster than they originally could. He's also put a lot of work into a new menu interface. See the demonstration video outlink.

Emulators for some arcade machines are also included, though they require ROMs to be added. Graham's static binary translation of Tailgunner also isn't included because its ROMs get built "inside" of it.

For those who haven't already got a PiTrex board, production of a new batch of fifty is currently well underway and they should be on sale again very soon.

Kevin Koster.