Running Without Glitches on Linux

As we finally approach the point where we can make a developer release of the PiTrex cartridges and software, all of the PiTrex software is now running reliably under Linux without the display glitches which encouraged development in the Bare-Metal environment earlier.

Bare-Metal builds will remain as an option for developers, but being able to run Linux greatly simplifies the task of porting existing Linux games and emulators including MAME to work with the PiTrex. So far the SVGAlib-based Linux games Zblast and Hyperoid have been ported to display on the Vectrex and use its controller, while sound output is possible using a USB audio adapter connected directly to the Pi Zero. This method of sound output (hopefully also with Bluetooth on the Pi Zero W) will be useful for arcade emulation where authentic sound via the Vectrex would be difficult or impossible. Video of Zblast on the Vectrex .

The VMMenu menu program for MAME is also now displaying on the Vectrex (YouTube video showing sound support outlink), and work is in progress to adapt this for launching all PiTrex software.

We're also now looking at support for USB and Bluetooth controllers connected to the Pi for controlling programs, including the VecX Vectrex emulator.

A little while ago Malban decided outlink that he would no longer take an active role in PiTrex development, though is still happy to offer advice. We're very grateful for his excellent work in developing the Vectrex Interface library and the Bare-Metal development environment, as well as helping to port many of the emulators working so far.