This page lists vector arcade games that use the AY3-8912 Programmable Sound Generator (PSG) used by the Vectrex, or similar AY3-89xx chips outlink. These should be able to produce sound directly with the PSG in the Vectrex, avoiding the sound support issues discussed in the Software_Description, though most used more than one chip.

It's also possible that additional circuitry besides the PSG chip was used to produce sounds in some of these arcade machines.

GameSound ChipYearLinks
Aztarac4x AY-3-89101983KLOV outlink
Cosmic Chasm2x AY-3-89101983Andys Arcade outlink KLOV outlink
Demon3x AY-3-89101982KLOV outlink
Omega Race2x AY-3-89101981KLOV outlink
QB-33x AY-3-89101982KLOV outlink
Scramble2x AY-3-89101978KLOV outlink
ZektorAY-3-89101982KLOV outlink