We intend to implement a regular emulator on the PiTrex. Initially we were looking at MAME but recently have shifted focus to Retrocade. Since most existing emulators also emulate a lot of raster games, we need to severely cut the emulators down to only emulate vector games. If the emulators have a (raster-based) GUI built in, that will need to go as well

Below is the list of vector arcade games we hope to emulate. Once this list is complete we will not put any more effort into arcade emulation - we don't have any interest in emulating variations, bootlegs or prototypes.

Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Black Widow, Demon, Gravitar, Lunar Lander, Major Havoc, QB3, Red Baron, Space Duel, Space Wars, Star Castle, Tempest.

Battle Star, Eliminator, Omega Race, Space Fury, Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator, Tac/Scan and Zektor.

Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars


68000 (with 6809 for sound support)
Top Gunner, (Vertigo), Vortex

68000 (with Z80 for sound support)

Cinematronics CPU
Armor Attack, Barrier, Boxing Bugs, Cosmic Chasm, Ripoff, Scamble, Solar Quest, Space War(s), Speed Freak, Starhawk, Sundance, Tailgunner, Warrior, War of the Worlds.

Once we have these emulated with a traditional emulator, we might consider creating static binary translations, in order to make modifications to the games to adjust them for the Vectrex display and inputs.